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Direct Vent Conversion Kit - (T-Kjr)

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Total Cost of Ownership (Cost Savings)

supplyFORCE has an industry leading TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) program that documents value-add and cost savings events conducted by local distributors and manufacturer partners. Our program shares the latest news, best demonstrated practices, industry trends, new product releases and product / application webinars presented by factory trained professionals of our MSI (Manufacturer Supported Initiative program) partners.


supplyFORCE has saved customers over $90 million in the past 4 years alone!

Best Demonstrated Practices

supplyFORCE shares implemented TCO activities across our network of over 200 local distributors, to improve performance and insure that  initiatives are replicated.

Emergency Response 

$250,000+ savings

Avoiding productivity losses with a quick valve repair.


Emergency Response 

$650,000+ savings

26 hours of downtime avoided and additional savings in a motor repair.


Product Substitutions 


Substitution to protective gloves.

Energy Savings 

$200,000+ annual savings.

LED lighting upgrade project 

Productivity Improvement 

$110,000+ savings

Product solution to resolve the fluid seal issue 

Sustainability Savings 

$80,000 hard cost savings & $125,000 in sustainability savings.

Reverse Osmosis water purification system

Price Savings 

$800,000+ savings

Consolidation into one Corporate TechConnect agreement 

Energy Savings 

$50,000+ savings

A solution to return condensate to the powerhouse

Product Substitutions 

$185,000+ savings

existing HID lighting was converted to an LED system


supplyFORCE in partnership with  Strategic Business Solutions has enhanced our TCO technology by developing an on-line TCO portal, powered by Sales Strat, for our network of distributors. This portal allows our distributors to document, measure and report value added activities they perform for our customers.

Distributors can access the portal here  or contact with any questions. 


 Over the past 4 years supplyFORCE has saved customers over $90 million. A snapshot of a year's savings:

supplyFORCE has national programs with local solutions. The best of both worlds. sm